Kara Lee: Family Breakdown - Vol. 2 (HD / 720p / 2020) [TabooHeat]

Kara Lee: Family Breakdown - Vol. 2 (HD / 720p / 2020) [TabooHeat]

Released: 2020
Genre: cumshot, cum swallow, big boobs, taboo, incest, brunette, blowjob, forced, big tits, missionary, reverse cowgirl
Time: 00:46:11

Scene One: Montage
He takes what he wants with no questions asked. Cory is so fucking hot so he made her his. Throwing her to the bed, he doesn't care if she wants to fuck, his hard dick is ready to destroy her because he wants to. He covers her mouth as he abuses her hot tight body. Bending her over like the slut she is and fucking her. A thought pops into his head. Where's that hot daughter of yours? He asks. No please! She begs as he leaves her naked and broken on her bed.
Ashley is forced to the ground by her dad. Her big tits are pulled out and she screams in terror. What are you doing? Pulling down her tight shorts his hard dick is inside her before she even knows what's happening. He takes from her what he wants and right now he wants her tight pussy to make him cum. Please don't breed in me dad Ashley moans in horror as his load is shot deep inside her.
The two women are his. He owns them now, to fuck and use them whenever he wants. Fucking their mouths, fucking their tight pussies, plowing into their virgin assholes. He doesn't care about them being his wife and daughter, only using them as his own cum whores.
Scene Two: Fucking your sister
He's sick of fucking Cory and her daughter Ashley. He's bored with them. But there's one slut in his home he hasn't fucked. You promised daddy Ashley pleads with him to leave her younger sister alone. You stay in here and listen He threatens her.
Kara doesn't know what's coming to her as her daddy walks into her room. He grabs her by her hair and presses her against the bed. What are you doing daddy? Kara pleads with him as his lips are all over her. He loves her smell, like fresh flowers and virgin pussy. Don't you tell me what to do He yells at her.
Pulling off her clothes he explores her perfect virgin body. This is a prize he's waited so long for. She's so confused as to why this is happening as he takes her mouth for his cock. Her milky soft legs are spread and her body is untainted and pure. He drives his dick inside her pussy and makes her scream and moan. Kara's body takes over and she can only look helplessly down as her dad destroys her and fills her with his thick cum. The strangest feeling comes over her as she feels the disgusting ooze inside her and she curls up crying as her mom and sister comes in to comfort her.
Scene Three: Taboo Twist
I'm so sorry Cory tells her daughters, wrapping her arms around them. It's not your fault mom Ashley says as they hug and console each other. Just then dad walks in. A cold shock of terror overtakes them as he grabs Cory by the hair. I've got something on my mind He smiles. Take your clothes off now, all three of you He yells at them.
Humiliated they strip naked in front of each other. Their bodies his for the taking. He uses little sister Kara's mouth first as an appetizer, getting himself ready. They have to put on a show for him, forcing Kara to lick her sister's pussy while Cory has to masturbate to the scene of her daughters reluctant lesbianism. Daddy directs the action, fucking Ashley's mouth and pussy with his hard dick as he makes her dive head first into Kara's quivering sensitive pussy. Cory begs him to stop and sucks her husband in hopes that he will cum and leave her girls alone.
Eat your sister's pussy He commands the sisters to 69 as they watch mom give him a blowjob. The room is filled with sounds of terrified moans from the three women as their bodies make them cum. Switching back and forth from the sisters he fucks one them makes her sister taste it. You want your daddy's cum in your mouth? He laughs.
Forcing them to the floor he cums all over their faces. Share it with your sister He demands. They look at him in humiliation as they kiss and lick the cum from each others faces.
It's time for you to stop! Cory yells, shotgun in hand. Will this be the end of their nightmare or the beginning of something new?

Quality: HD
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Video: AVC, 1280x720, 30.000 FPS, 2000 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 127 kb/s
Size: 705 MB

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